About Us

Welcome To Feed Y(our) Neighborhood!

FYN is a nonprofit organization based in Detroit with three main focuses: Food, Housing, and Education.

This brand was created to promote awareness through limited released garments

How It Works:

  1. Food; each week the organization provides frozen meats, homegrown vegetables, and fresh dairy produce to the citizens of our community.
  2. Housing; throughout the years individual members of FYN have been purchasing homes, creating shelters for whom we provide for.
  3. Funding; We are always looking for funders to help us transform dilapidated housing into family homes. We develop high end clothing products that will be funding the housing program while also spreading awareness to our mission as well
  4. Education; Once the house is finished, it will be either sold to an actual family or rented out through our multitude of homeless reduction programs. Half the proceeds from monthly rent or 30% of the profit from the house sale will be turned into a full ride or gap filler scholarship for the children in our community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FYN Food Distribution?

We have two food distribution locations!

15700 E Warren - Every Tuesday

3030 Fairview St - Every 1st & 3rd Monday

What Sets The Price Points For Your Garments?

This is actually a two part answer. 

  • Because we want you to wear our "Why?" and NOT purchase our "what?" often times brands/organizations who don't represent anything in particular find themselves in competition with "what does this product do for me?" For us, you are wearing our "Why?"  you are wearing the reason we provide by becoming a living representation of what we stand for. 
  • Our Groceries: On average it costs $150-$180 dollars to feed one person for a month. A family of three would take triple that amount so for our organizations it looks like: 1 T Shirt ($40-$90) will feed a person for a week, 1 sweatsuit ($200-250) will feed two adults for a month, etc.

Where Does The Food Come From?

Our weekly donations come from our local grocery stores (Aldi, Target, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond is our main suppliers) and our monthly donations come from Gleaners.

How Can I Participate?

You can volunteer with us! We service our community each week and this would be a great opportunity to earn your community service hours. Or you can wear our garments and when someone asks "What is Feed Your Neighborhood?" enlighten them on how you were able to provide food for the impacted just by buying clothes!