Abandon Housing Program

Teen Builders!

We are recruiting motivated youth to help develop their community! Well its all of ours and that's the point - FYN Housing Development has partnered with licensed contractors, industry professionals, and residential developers to offer an all exclusive summer experience.!

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  • Week 1-2

    Help finish out your first house rehabilitation project! This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about the housing industry from licensed professionals and how to fix a property from start to finish

    Goals: Create a safe building to cultivate community and productivity!

  • Week 2-3

    Focus on Content! We will be recording our house rehabilitation youth project, editing videos, and uploading them to social media. With the new age of media, we want to help our youth create a positive relationship with content creation and ultimately receive monetary benefits.

    Goal: Create a recipe to Boost Social Media reach on all platforms

  • Week 3-4

    We are big on community upkeep! These last weeks will be focused on sustaining our community garden, composting, financial literacy, college prep, and our scholarship celebration!

    Goal: Build and celebrate a community of developers and change leaders